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A tyre that maintains maximum grip in all weather conditions. Thanks to the new reinforcement material Aramid Protek+ it has greater puncture resistance on the top of the casing. Increased grip by 15% for more safety on slippery and muddy surfaces, thanks to the new generation of tread design and Hi-Grip Design. More efficiency with 5 watts gain per pair of tyres or 20 seconds gained over 40 km at an average speed of 45km/h

Grip Compound
Special rubber mix capable of performing in low temperatures, reinforcing your security on slippery, muddy and wet grounds.

Hi-Grip Design
More grip for greater safety on slippery and wet surfaces. New shoulder tread area with logo : progressive increase in the number of sipes (bike leaning over when cornering). Increasing riding safety in particulary infavourable conditions.

Aramid Protek+
More protecition thanks to the new reinforcement material Aramid Protek+, with a wider protective layer in the shoulder area. Aramid is much more resistant to cuts than traditional materials.