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S3 BATFLY® self cleaning Disc Rotor

The S3 disc is the ultimate MTB disc for Enduro , Downhill and Freeride.

SEMI FLOATING disc rotors offer the ultimate performance. Based on BRAKING® world championship winning design, the S3 rotors feature the same patented asymmetric Wave® profile, uniquely positioned and shaped pierced slots, and extremely high grade material (all developed for motorcycle competition) offering reduced weight, increased heat dissipation, increased grip, durability and self-cleaning performance.

Floating discs have developed in the motorcycle field because they allow excellent thermal expansion without deformation. However, they show limits with respect to fixed discs in terms of resistance to lateral stress. Since it is important to combat thermal deformation and resistance to lateral stress in the bicycle, BRAKING® launches a new S3 semi-floating disc technology that combines the positive characteristics of both the floating and the fixed disc.

SEMI FLOATING 3 PIN Self cleaning brake disc available in various sizes.

6 bolt, 1.9mm thick Ø140,160,203,220   

Ideal for Downhill, Freeride and Enduro

Includes 6 Torx screws