2017 Strider® 16 Sport Youth – Balance Bikes

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This bike is a hit with all kids aged 6 – 12 years. Perfect for learning to ride a bike for the first time and for kids who are dealing with special needs challenges, as well as those who are tearing it up at the skate and BMX parks!



The footrest can be fitted onto the bike when the user has started to coast, to allow feet to be tucked up out the way. A crank and pedals cannot be fitted to the bike. A pedal bike for this age group, without any gears, would be a hindrance and no longer fun as it would be hard work to use over any distance. This teaches the balance BEFORE moving onto pedals if that is the aim. Of course some people may feel that pedals are not achievable so the bike offers the longevity required to grow with them.

We believe these new models are the perfect balance of simplicity, safety, performance, and FUN, without the weight and complication of pedals.

Ages 6 to 12 years
Simple Lightweight design (8kg/17.7lbs)
Max Rider weight 85kg/187 lbs
Available in 5 vibrant colors
16 inch Strider Handlebars

A low 3 degree sweep highlight these standard 22.2mm, 600mm wide handlebars. Pressed in bearings keep the 1 1/8″ stem turning smoothly.

The cross terrain tires offer a smooth ride on all surfaces while maintaining traction in the dirt. The tyre size is 1.75 – 16 and offer a 42 lb. max psi inflation rating.

The fully padded seat is mounted on a rail allowing multiple front to back and seat angle adjustments. A 25.4mm seatpost comes standard on the 16″ bike.

Seat height (rider inseam) ranges from 19.5 – 25.5 inches (49.5 – 64.8 cm).

Machined aluminum quick release allows “No Tools” saddle height adjustment.

Unique, footrests can be added or removed to adjust to the rider’s size and ability.

Frame mounted front and rear v brakes grace the 16″ model. These brakes offer greater stopping power compared to a standard caliper style brake.

All 16″ and 20″ Sport model STRIDER bikes ship partially assembled from the factory and will require final assembly and adjustment by an adult with basic mechanical skills. Please read through the owner’s manual/assembly instructions and watch our assembly video prior to beginning the work (see tabs at top of this description). After reviewing the information, if you don’t feel comfortable performing the work, we suggest you have your local bicycle shop perform the work for you.