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Let’s do this spring thing

Let’s do this spring thing

Lacking motivation?

Never mind – here are a few tried-and-tested ways to get you back in the saddle. Just pick one or two (more if you’re feeling ambitious or happy to shell out a few quid) and make the most of the best time of year to be out on two wheels.

1. Book a cycling holiday
Got nothing planned this summer? Organised trips take place all over the UK and abroad. You can DIY it with some friends or book a holiday with an itinerary and meet a new bunch of cycling buddies.

2. Enter a cycling event or ‘sportive’
Literally millions to choose from. Well, hundreds… SI Entries is a great place to start. And it’s not just for cyclists – there are running events, triathlons and watersports. You could even combine an event with 1.

3. Design a training plan
Any sports coach will tell you – motivation improves when you set goals. Be it distance, time, or just a commitment to get out on the bike more often, anyone can start small and build up to a full training plan.

4. Get an app or bike computer
There are plenty of free apps to choose from and bike computers – wired, wireless and GPS – start from as little as a tenner these days. They’re a great way to measure your progress against the goals you’ve set – see 3.

5. Spring-clean your bike
If nothing else, a good wash down with warm soapy water works wonders. If you’re feeling generous, get yourself a chain cleaner and some Muc-off bike cleaner. And don’t forget to lube the chain and other moving parts when you’re done.

6. Buy some new shorts
Being comfortable on your bike is paramount. Nowhere is that felt more keenly than your derrière. And nothing hits the spot more than a new pair of padded shorts.

7. Start cycling to work
If you’ve been thinking about this for a while, what’s stopping you? Look for a solution to the thing that’s holding you back and make it happen!

8. Get a new bike on Cyclescheme
If the thing stopping you cycling to work is that you don’t have a bike or your bike has seen better days, then Cyclescheme is well worth a look. You could save up to 40% and you don’t have to pay anything up front. Ask your local participating bike shop – Bikes Direct offers Cyclescheme – just saying 🙂

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