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Introducing FREEWHEELS… Buy a bike. Give a bike.

Introducing FREEWHEELS… Buy a bike. Give a bike.

Here at Bikes Direct, we’re always looking at ways to encourage bike riding for all ages and to make sure we look after our loyal customers. And while we’re doing all that, if we can also give something back to our local community, it’s a big bonus.

This is the idea behind FREEWHEELS. Helping to ensure your child is riding the right-sized bike and, together, doing something good along the way.

Don’t let it rust!

Buy a bike. Give a bike.

  • Buy a new kid’s bike from us.
  • Ride it, outgrow it and exchange it for up to 20% off a new bike.
  • Give something back in more ways than one, as your old bike will go to someone less fortunate.

How it works

When you buy a child’s bike, you’ll get a voucher for up to 20% off. Providing you return the bike within 3 years, you can claim the discount off a new bike.

If you’re asking, “But why would I give it back at all?” here are a few reasons:

  • First, you’d be doing a good deed. We will safety-check and service your old bike before donating it to a local children’s charity or community-based organisation.
  • Secondly, 3 years is a long time when you’re growing up fast. A bike that’s the right size in the first place can easily become too small within a couple of years.
  • Thirdly, you could use the voucher to buy a better bike. It’s valid for anything up to £500.

That’s three good reasons for FREEWHEELS, right there. Pedal power to the community!

The more you spend, the more money off you get

For example, you buy a kid’s bike for £100 and receive a discount certificate with up to 20% off your next bike purchase. When you return the bike within 3 years, you then use your voucher. So if you spend to the maximum amount of £500, you would make all your money back on the first bike (which is now being enjoyed by someone less fortunate). It’s the gift that keeps giving.

We’d love to chat more about FREEWHEELS and all things bikes, so visit the shop at the Havenbury Industrial Estate RH4 1ES (near Dorking West station).

You’ll find lots of children’s cycles for all ages, with some great offers on the latest and end-of-season bikes. We stock the lot – from mountain bikes to hybrids, and road bikes to BMX – to suit all adventures, tastes and budgets. Plus, there’s a test-ride area and we always guarantee helpful advice whether you’re browsing, buying or just looking for a repair.

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