Frogs for your little toads

Frogs for your little toads

We now stock Frog bikes – the lightweight bikes designed for kids.

Learning to ride a bike, and handle it safely, is all about confidence. So, a bike that’s specifically designed for your child – rather than just a scaled-down adult bike – is the best way to build that vital, two-wheeled self-belief.

That’s why we’ve decided to stock Frog bikes. The range includes balance bikes, first pedal bikes, plus hybrids, road and track bikes from 2 to 14 years old. Here are five reasons why Bikes Direct is proud to recommend Frog bikes.

1. The size is right

Frog bikes are measured by leg length not age, so finding the right bike is easy. See Frog’s really useful size guide.

2. The bikes are light

Every component from frame to forks to brakes is made for little people. The handling and braking power are unmatched by other kids’ bikes.

3. Easy to learn and fun to ride

Your little toads will just love Frog bikes because they make learning to ride a bike less of a steep learning curve (even uphill).

4. Frogs are green

The Frog factory in Pontypool uses low voltage lighting, electricity from renewable sources and low-carbon packaging.

5. Made in Britain and built to last

This is a family business that’s created over 50 jobs. And Frog bikes only use quality components fitted on durable frames, so they give years of pleasure and hold their value.

Check out the Frog bike website for more information – or drop by our shop and jump on a Frog for yourself.